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About us

About us

Scouting is one of the greatest youth movements the world has ever known. Scouts have walked on the moon, rowed across oceans and scaled the highest mountains.

The Amazing World of Scouts

Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people. Discover what this means*.

Scouting is one of the greatest youth movements the world has ever known. Scouts have walked on the moon, rowed across oceans and scaled the highest mountains.

They have been prime ministers and Oscar winners, authors and inventors, World Cup heroes and scientists, Olympic athletes and astronauts.

Former Scouts are social workers, teachers, doctors, engineers, firefighters, bus drivers, nurses and foster parents (to name but a few): In short, they are the people who make our society work. Scouts are all around you. You will know them by their values: co-operation, respect, team spirit, integrity and basic skills that they learnt when they were young.

It is easy to forget how powerful Scouting can be. From international expeditions to creative, community and environmental projects, we offer opportunities that improve the life outcomes of hundreds of thousands of young people every year. In every community in the UK, including Luton, Scouting is transforming lives, providing life challenges, adventure and life skills for young people from the age of six. When they made the Scout Promise on a cold weekday night, they were not just joining a youth club, they were choosing a code which many would follow for the rest of their lives. They were making a choice to live a meaningful life, full of fun, adventure and friendship and to put others before themselves.

The Scouts of today will make a name for themselves in the future as we colonise the moon and our nearest planets, find cures for diseases, build cities, search for food and deal with conflict.
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  • Scouting makes a difference, you will not regret it.

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    Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls