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Falkes (Luton) Scout District Teams

  • District Commissioner: Lee Baker*
  • ADC Beaver Scouts: Denise O’Hara
  • ADC Cub Scouts: Debbie Baker*
  • ADC Scouts: c/o Lee Baker*
  • DESC: Adrian Kedge*
  • DNSC: Trevor Sharp*
  • District Duke of Edinburgh Award Advisor: Amy Clews*
  • Young Leader Contact: Jen Avis, Amy Clews*
  • County Youth Commissioner (Luton): c/o ACYC John Owen*
  • Falkes District Youth Commissioner (Luton): Zack Boutwood*
  • ADC Activities: c/o Lee Baker*
  • ADC Development: c/o Lee Baker*
  • Training Manager: Cathy Stapleton *
  • County Nights Away Authorise: Andy Goddon *
  • Nights Away Adviser: Debbie Baker*
  • SAS Manager: c/o Lee Baker*
  • SAS Secretary: Yvonne Goodman*
  • District Chairman: Gerald Law*
  • District Treasurer: Mandy Haslam*
  • District Secretary: c/o Gerald Law*
  • Submitted Risk Assessment Covid Approver Falkes : Falkes Risk Assessment*
  • District HQ Bookings: c/o Gerald Law*
  • District HQ Manager: c/o Gerald Law*
  • District Badge Secretary: Helen Halsey*
  • District Appointments Chair: Mark Webb*
  • District Appointments Secretary: Husman Khan*
  • Falkes First Response Course: First Response Trainer*
  • Luton Media Manager: Stephen Avis
  • Luton Media Secretary: Helen Halsey*
  • Luton Social Media Platform Manager: Stephen Avis*
  • Luton Young Spokes Persons Coordinator: c/o Stephen Avis*
  • Join Request: Enquiry Co-ordinator*
  • To contact the Enquiry Co-ordinator:
    Tel: 0345 300 1818

    Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
    Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls