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What is it? It is a Network member only award, giving members the chance to undertake a project of their choice fitting around one of the themes of, Peace, Environment and Sustainability.

UK Scout Policies and Resources

  • Resources for Trustee Boards*
  • Gift Aid*
  • Gift Aid Declaration form*
  • Direct Support for Growth*
  • Supporting you with the cost of living*
  • UK Scouts HQ and Volunteer Information*
  • Managing a Safe Scout Premises*
  • General Information on Managing your Premises*
  • Recruiting new trustees*
  • Running Your Section*
  • Growing Scouts*
  • How we do things safely*
  • DBS Checking: Latest Guidance*
  • Inclusion Training*
  • Adult Training*
  • Young Leader Training*
  • Supporting you to document risk assessments*
  • Data Protection Policy*
  • Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR)*
  • Scouts Of The World Award (SOWA)*

    Charity purposes and rules

  • Charity purposes and rules Trustees must follow to govern your charity*
  • Scout Webinar

  • Various Webinars Subjects*
  • VVolunteer Support Webinars*
  • First Aid Support Links

  • First Aid Lifesaver page*
  • Free First Aid App*
  • Scout Association Websites

  • World Scout Headquarters*
  • UK Scout Headquarters*
  • Bedfordshire*
  • Falkes(Luton) District*
  • International Websites*
  • Scouting Sections

  • Squirrel Scouts*
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  • Scouts*
  • Explorers Scouts*
  • Scout Network Scouts*
  • Scout Active Support*
  • Managers*
  • Scout Badges by Section*
  • Uniform Badge Placement: Young People and Adult*
  • Programs Ideas

  • UK Scout HQ Activities and Program Ideas Search*
  • #SkillsForLife* Skills and For Life Resources*
  • Youth Shaped Scouting*
  • HQ Programme Planner by Section*
  • The Next Generation Youth Theatre*
  • All Sections – Poppy Wreath (No Group Name)*
  • Forms

  • Nan Form April 2020*
  • Risk Assessment Form*
  • Health and Wellbeing Issues

  • Women’s Menstrual Cycle (NHS)*
  • Everything to Know About Menstruation*
  • NSPCC*
  • Chums Bereavement Service*
  • Samaritans*
  • OK Rehab*
  • Where can I go for support if I’m worried or anxious*
  • Youthscape Young People Emotional Wellbeing*
  • Mental Health Support*
  • Children and young people Mental Health*
  • Luton Sexual Health *
  • What Is the Prostate? What’s Normal?*
  • Prostate problems*
  • Health and Wellbeing Service in Luton*
  • Children with speech and language difficulties*
  • Rehab 4 Addiction Coronavirus: Guidance for Better Mental Health*
  • Rehab 4 Alcohol, Drugs Addiction, Mental Health Rehab*
  • Rehab4Addiction: Mental Health during Coronavirus Epidemic*
  • Children’s Commissioner*
  • Children’s Commissioner: Coronavirus Children and You*
  • Children’s Guide to Coronavirus*
  • Scout Coronavirus Guideline and Updates*
  • UK Government Coronavirus Guidelines*
  • UK Government Daily Summary*
  • Tier 1* & PDF Guidance Poster (Medium Alert)*:
  • Tier 2* & PDF Guidance Poster (High Alert)*:
  • Tier 3* & PDF Guidance Poster (Very High Alert)*

    Legionella Managing water risk

  • NYA Coronavirus Guidelines*
  • Legionella: Managing water risk.   HSE Gov*Scout HQ*
  • Safety Issues

  • Staying Safe and Safeguarding*
  • Scouts Stay Safe*
  • How we do things safely*
  • Protecting ourselves and others*
  • Finding a safe place to meet*
  • Getting Scouts back into the great outdoors*
  • Scouts Staying Safe Online*
  • Digital Scouts: which platform to use (incl Platform Age Limits)? *
  • Child Exploitation and Online Protection. Stay Safe on Line (CEOP)*
  • Drone Safety Code*
  • Safeguarding Policy and Procedure*
  • Camping Gas – Guidance on Safe Use – v3 February 2018*
  • Codes of Practise and Reports

  • Young People First (Parents)*
  • Young People First Adult Yellow Card*
  • Adults Scouting and Alcohol Green Card*
  • Scouting Emergency Purple Card*
  • Young People First Orange Card*
  • Safety Checklist for Managers*
  • Illness and Accident Reporting*
  • Career and Job Hunt Support

  • CV Aid*
  • Get Ahead- Scouting and your career*

    Printable Badge Posters

  • Beaver Scouts printable badges*
  • Cub Scout printable badges*
  • Scout printable badges*
  • Explorer Scouts printable badges*
  • Intouch

    InTouch is the system used to manage communications at all Scout activities and events. It is flexible to allow those organising events to implement a system best suited to their particular circumstances.

  • Scout HQ Emergencies and Reporting*
  • Scout HQ InTouch*
  • Impact of Scouting

  • HQ report on the impact of Scouting*
  • 2017 UK Impact Report*
  • 2017 The Scout Association: Pilot impact survey analysis for the UK*

    Trustee Activity

  • Recruiting new trustees*
  • Board of Trustees*
  • Accounts & Audits*, Insurance*, Legal Services*
  • UK Scouting Grants and funds to support local Scouting*
  • Grants from external sources*
  • Unity Insurance*
  • Activity Topics

  • Media Activity*
  • Appointing* and Reviews*
  • Growing and developing Scouting*
  • International Scouting*
  • Chief Scout*
  • UK Scouting News*
  • Adult Awards and Recognition*

    Luton Council*

  • Luton Media Using Social Media*
  • Luton Media Copyright and Performing Rights*
  • Luton Media Team Guide

    With the reduction in the numbers of Local Papers in Luton, getting articles printed is becoming much more difficult. Articles need to draw the editor’s attention with good interesting stores, supported by great pictures.
    The Luton Media Team has produced “Luton Media Team Guide to”:

  • Writing the Press Release v2*
  • Generating Good Stories v2*
  • The Power of Pictures v2*
  • Our Mighty Local Media v2*
  • How to create a contact sheet for photo selection*
  • How to create an Animation*
  • Website:
    www.falkesscouts.org.uk *To contact the Falkes (Luton) District Enquiry Co-ordinator:enquiries@falkesscouts.org.uk*
    Tel: 0345 300 1818

    Remember this website is on public view. Images may be used to promote Scouting in Luton, the UK and across the World Scouting.

  • Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
    Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls