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Useful Downloads & Links

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  • NAN Form (January 2023)at least 14 day in advance*
  • Scouts Of The World Award (SOWA)*
  • Luton Media*
  • District Badge Secretary: Helen Halsey*
  • Uniform Badge Placement for young people
  • Uniform Badge Placement for Adult*
  • Health Issues*
  • Scouts Stay Safety*
  • Impact of Scouting*
  • Coronavirus Guidelines*
  • Managing a Safe Scout Premises*
  • General Information on Managing your Premises*
  • UK Scout HQ How we do things safely*
  • UK Scout HQ Supporting you to document risk assessments*
  • Friedenslichtfeier 2020 – Peace Light Ceremony 2020*
  • First Aid lifesaver page*
  • Free First Aid App*
  • Spot red squirrels at Brownsea Island*
  • Learning, Work, Apprenticeship Activities

  • Luton 16 x 16 young person’s programme *
  • Apprenticeship*
  • Find an apprenticeship*
  • Luton Adult Learning*
  • UK Scout Headquarters Activities

  • Challenge in the post*
  • Other useful links

  • Children’s Commissioner for England* 
  • Children’s Commissioner Coronavirus children and you* 
  • Luton School Term *
  • Luton Arts, culture and events*
  • Luton Citizens Advise Service*
  • Bedfordshire Youth Advise Service*
  • Parentzone. Useful on line support for parents and leaders*
  • Assistance Dog UK*
  • Girlguiding  Adventures at Home*
  • Radicalisation and Extremism

  • Act Early to Prevent Radicalisation and Extremism*.
  • Prevent duty training: Learn how to support people susceptible to radicalisation*.
  • Down Loadable Ration Book, Recipe Book and Colouring In Poster

  • Wartime Recipe Book*
  • More 1940’s Recipes*
  • Example Wartime Ration Book 1945*
  • WW2 VE Day Makes, Paper Planes, Hats and Bunting (12 posters) (PDF)*
  • WW2 VJ Day Makes, Paper Planes, Hats and Bunting (10 posters)(PDF)*
  • All Sections – Poppy Wreath (No Group Name) (PDF)*
  • We Will Remember Them Bunting (PDF)*
  • Website:
    www.falkesscouts.org.uk *

    To contact the Falkes (Luton) District Enquiry Co-ordinator:
    Tel: 0345 300 1818

    Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
    Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls