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Health and Welfare Issues

  • Health and Wellbeing Service in Luton*
  • Wellbeing champions*
  • Youthscape Young People Emotional Wellbeing*
  • NSPCC*
  • Children’s Commissioner*
  • Chums Bereavement Service*
  • Samaritans*
  • Where can I go for support if I’m worried or anxious*
  • Mental Health Support*
  • Children and young people Mental Health*
  • Women’s Menstrual Cycle (NHS)*
  • Everything to Know About Menstruation*
  • Luton Sexual Health *
  • Sexual Health for Young People (Higgins Trust) *
  • What Is the Prostate? What’s Normal?*
  • Prostate problems*
  • Children with speech and language difficulties*
  • OK Rehab*
  • Rehab 4 Addiction Coronavirus: Guidance for Better Mental Health*
  • Rehab 4 Alcohol, Drugs Addiction, Mental Health Rehab*
  • Rehab4Addiction: Mental Health during Coronavirus Epidemic*
  • Legionella Managing water risk

  • NYA Coronavirus Guidelines*
  • Legionella: Managing water risk. HSE Gov*Scout HQ*
  • Coronavirus Guidelines

    UK Scout HQ (Covid-19 Latest Guidance)

  • HQ advise that our youth sector is: GREEN
  • This means: All activities can resume for members who live in England. Residential activities and international travel may take place.

    Group sizes and limitations: All non-residential activities (including young people, Scout Network and adult only groups): No limit on group size, although all activities must be able to safely manage the risk of transmission of COVID.

    International travel: Visits abroad may resume but must follow the FCDO travel advice and still manage the transmission of COVID and ensuring that the trips are safe and accessible*.

    Any trip you plan must be planned with COVID-19 in mind and meet any requirements in all the countries you travel through/to, as well as conditions set by the home government. These restrictions must be considered when deciding on the trips’ viability and planning for what to do should any members of the group test positive for COVID-19. This should be included in the incident planning*.

    Note: Where small sections may struggle to be viable to operate independently they may join with another section at this time.

    Note: Activities (including those away from your usual meeting place) should be planned to minimise risk by limiting travel at all times. Check the guidance on planning activities in terrain zero*. Trips should only take place where the outcomes can not be achieved locally and local COVID instructions are followed in a safe manner.

    Check your COVID risk assessment

    Don’t forget that ahead of restarting face-to-face activities you should review your COVID safe risk assessment and make sure it’s current. If nothing significant has changed or only changes to your numbers then this does not need to be re-approved ahead of you restarting.


    The situation can change very quickly. Keep up to date with Scouting communications from HQ, County and District.
    You can do this via the Falkes (Luton) Scout Website.

  • Scout Approver Checklist*
  • Falkes Scout District Covid-19 Guidance
  • Safe Return Face To Face*
  • Falkes District Section returning F2F Generic Letter for Parents*
  • Risk Assessment Guidelines*
  • Submit Risk Assessment to Risk Assessment Covid Approver Team*
  • Children’s Commissioner: Coronavirus Children and You*
  • UK Government Coronavirus Guidelines*
  • UK Government Daily Summary*
  • Tier 1* & PDF Guidance Poster (Medium Alert)*:
  • Tier 2* & PDF Guidance Poster (High Alert)*:
  • Tier 3* & PDF Guidance Poster (Very High Alert)*
  • Council Government

  • Luton Council Coronavirus Latest Guidelines*
  • NYA Coronavirus Latest Guidelines
  • Government Covid-19 Promotional material Tier Posters and Text*

    Legionella Managing water risk

  • HSE Gov*
  • Scout HQ*
  • Website:
    www.falkesscouts.org.uk *

    To contact the Falkes (Luton) District Enquiry Co-ordinator:
    Tel: 0345 300 1818

  • Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
    Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls