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Explorers Investigate Young Peoples Drug and Alcohol related Problems

Date: 25th Mar 2019 Author: Gerald Law

Riparian Explorer Sea Scouts were given a very interesting drug information workshop from Luton based resolutions.
Resolutions is a Luton based organisation who offer help to anyone who either feels they need it or are referred to them through the court system.
Carl who visited us works with young people aged from 11 to 25, yes they are dealing with children as young as 11 who have drug or alcohol related problems. He explained in detail the way in which young people are targeted by drug dealers and sucked in to a world where they quickly get out of their depth and often end up either being arrested or hospitalised or worse.
He explained how easy it is to get in with the wrong crowd and be dragged into a life of crime. As a recovering alcoholic he is well placed to relate to his unfortunate individuals he works with. There was a lot of information about different types of drugs and the effects they have on people up to and including full blown psychosis.
There was also information on the legal drugs smoking and alcohol and the effects they can and do have on your body. Whilst most people start on the so called gateway drug of cannabis this is currently many times stronger than the weed smoked in the 1960`s and people need a bigger hit each time to get the same buzz from their chosen drug be it cannabis, heroin or plain old alcohol.
The evening finished with a general question and answer session giving everybody a chance to ask questions.
If you think you need help or know someone who does resolutions can be contacted at resolutions.info@cgl.org.uk or on 01582 9651213.
We would like to extend a very big thank you to Carl for his insight into a world fortunately not many of us know too much about. They are available for limited evening workshops with Scouts or Explorers.

Article by Mark Chamberlain

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