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Icknield District Annual St. George`s Day Sunday 28th April.

Date: 15th May 2019 Author: Gerald Law

Icknield District held it`s annual St. George`s day celebration at Icknield High School on Sunday 28th April.
Most of the Districts groups attended with over 200 young people on site who were treated to a wide variety of activities.





Everyone gathered for an 11 O` clock activity start. There was something for everyone, the activities included :-

indoor human hungry hippos just like the board game but using real people for hippos.
archery and indoor crossbows. a blind trail, an amateur radio station , axe throwing and a chance to light and float a fire.
It was fantastic to see everybody enjoying themselves including the leaders both running activities and taking younger members around the various activities.


All the young people were issued with a passport so they could get all their experiences ticked off.
As usual there was a team on hand to supply hot and cold drinks all day a big thank you to those responsible for organising that part of the day.
The celebration was finished off with a display of group flags the presentation of section trophy flags and the presentation of various awards made by the Mayor of Luton Cllr Naseem Ayub, who is a good friend to Scouting in Luton, very much enjoyed the event.

Written by Mark Chamberlain. Pictures by Aaron Chamberlain

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