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Luton Scout Group take up the Virtual Tea Pot Challenge

Date: 13th Apr 2020 Author: Gerald Law

St. Anne’s Scout Group was the first to win the virtual “Gold Teapot” and “Luton Teapot” by undertaking tasks set by Luton Scouts, taking photographs of at least one person with a tea pot drinking a mug of the tea.

Ross Park Scout Group’s Jen and Stephen Avis are taking part, help the group gain the “Build a Teapot” Award, supported by other Bedfordshire Leaders David and Michelle followed by them gaining the virtual “Gold Teapot” and “Luton Teapot”. This result made Ross Park Scout Group, first o gain all three major “Teapots”  

During difficult times in social history, Scouting has always played its part. World Wars saw Scouts operating as runners; not forgetting the famous Jack Cornwell (VC) from WW1. Even now Scouts are helping in their community but we still have fun. While the current requirement for social distancing means they may not be able to enjoy the “OUT” in “SCOUTS”, both Leaders and Young People are determined to embrace the “IN” in “SCOUTING”.

When the original Teapot Challenge was announced themes included “Camping”, “Water” and “Air” but, as the nation fights the COVID-19 virus, with  lockdown and  social distancing, the tasks were made more flexible. A Luton spokesperson explained that the idea was to have fun, enjoy experiences and activities with the added task of making tea, taking a picture and posting it on the Luton Scouts Facebook Page. Photos would be judged by the “Luton Scout Challenge Committee” (using technology to agree the results) and award the virtual certificates.

Scouts Alex, Scarlett, Izzy & Mayank, together with Leaders Brian and Elizabeth, of St. Anne’s are leading this


challenge, including online leader meetings, with other Luton Scout Groups such as St. Joseph’s James, Ethan, Ethan & Francis, and Strathmore’s  Jake, Hannah & Katrina up a cliff face. The Disneyland Paris Teapot Ride was submitted by Leagrave Young Leaders Faith Gazeley, Logan Faraday, Lauren Denyer and Scout Joe Edwards, and a number of other groups and Leaders have taken part.

The “Lego Teapot” challenge has been taken up by Alex of St. Anne’s and by Scouts Alessandro and Matteo from St. Joseph’s who were awarded the “Luton Teapot”.

Being virtual offers unlimited scope, and with entrants being given virtual awards on social media they are all playing the game for the sake of the game.

Scout Leader Elizabeth Fagan said,  “ The teapot challenge has been so much fun. The St Anne’s Scout Group leaders and younger members  had a great time coming up with ideas on how to meet the challenges, especially Tanya (Akela) with her very resourceful ‘in the air’ and ‘on the water’ entries. Even the COVID-19 lockdown couldn’t stop us with our ‘The Meeting’ entry, as we found a way to meet online instead of face-to-face”.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls