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Luton Scouts 1st Squirrel Drey Opens Soon

Date: 20th Apr 2022 Author: Gerald Law

Luton Scouts opens its first Squirrel Drey for four and five year olds next month

The 1st Falkes (Luton) Squirrel Drey for boys and girls will open on May 7 at a Scout Headquarters in the Leagrave area of Luton.

With their red sweatshirts, Squirrel Scouts belong to the youngest and newest section in the movement. They enjoy games, crafts, stories and lots of fun under the guidance of an outstanding adult leadership team.

Young people in Scouting enjoy earning badges and Squirrels are no different. There are hundreds of activities for youngsters based around fun and learning.

Squirrel Scout Leader Michele Mcbarron said: “I have been Scouting as a leader for over 10 years, which has given me friendship and many skills. This new venture is exciting, because I shall be leading the 1st Squirrel Drey in Luton. With our team of leaders, I will be starting these young people on their Scouting journey, making new friends, earning badges and learning new skills. There are still a few spaces for new members.”

Squirrels is the first new section since the introduction of Beaver Scouts 35 years ago. It was launched in September 2021, following a pilot programme in Northern Ireland since 2019.

District Commissioner Mike Peet explained: “Scouting helps young people equip themselves for a successful and resourceful life, all whilst having fun. I am particularly proud that, in my first Year as District Commissioner, we are opening a brand-new section and bringing Scouting into Luton for young people aged 4 and older, showing that Scouting in Luton is alive and very active”.

Scouting started back in 1907 when 20 young people, led by Robert Baden-Powell, took part in an experimental camp on Brownsea Island, which is well known for its Red Squirrels.

A spokesperson for Luton Scouts said: “Scouting is both relevant and cool today, giving young people Skills for Life which will help them in their work and community. Scouting is about young people and their families. We need more leaders in order to open more Squirrel Dreys across Luton and really drive this new section in the right direction”.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls