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Scout Defend Against Aliens from Out of Space

Date: 20th Nov 2019 Author: Gerald Law

Scouting is about fun, experience, adventure and learning. Finding innovating ideas to experience the World Scouting Activities in different way.

Luton Scouts followed an Alien Invasion theme to undertake the Luton Scout Challenge using new and tradition scouting skills, Fire Lighting, Float a Raft, Build a Stretcher, Building fires to cook marshmallows and eggs on a tradition fire or a camping stove. Try communicating with the aliens by smoke signals, lights, mirrors, flags.
To give an element of perceived danger, crossed areas of Alien Slime using blocks of wood, bricks and skies to help the whole team without touching the floor whilst carrying jugs of water to put out any fires on route. The fires were also put out by targeting water using different size guttering and pipes.

Then when you think it could not get more difficult, the scouts enact moving in a blinding smoke area with blindfolds being a guided from a sighted team member by radio. They built a raft and escaped the wooded areas by crawling stealthily skills to creep up on an Alien who will try and spot them.
But Scouting moves with times and so they launched rockets or take an old theme with a new twist of mini pioneering by building a mask with Spaghetti, sticks, string, elastic bands.
An Axe Throwing base gives the Scouts a target to score more points
Adding to the fun will be the addition to each team of an Alien who will be with the team all day unless another team claims them plus disguising a team member as an Alien.

All activities require skills in a safe but adventurous environment with lots of happy scouts.
Event organiser James Hinkins said “The competitors were teamed up with members from other troops which helped to level the skills of the teams. This resulted in team “Area 51” winning but the real winners were new friendships, fun and adventure supported by many adults, for whom I thank very much in deed.

Logan Faraday

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls