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St Joseph’s mark World Scarf Day

Date: 28th Aug 2020 Author: Gerald Law

St. Joseph’s Scout Group celebrated World Scarf Day at the beginning of August with a group video, and it was the perfect socially distanced activity! The young people from each section were asked to record their own clips so the group could produce a video. 25 young people and leaders took part, and the music was composed and recorded by Group Chairman, Andy.
A number of other Luton Scouts were wearing their scarves for the day, showing that Scouting is still happening.
The idea behind Scout Scarf Day is for to wear their scarves out in public so that the spirit of scouting is there for all to see! After all – once a Scout, always a Scout. The scarf is just a symbol, but it is a very strong symbol regarding the Scout Promise and the Scouts’ mission to leave the world a better place.
World Scarf Day is the product of a collaboration between Scout groups worldwide since 2007 to encourage current and former Scouts to wear their scarves in pride as a symbol of their promise and the spirit of Scouting. The Scout promise is about upholding the spirit of the Scout Law, which includes being loyal, trusted and helpful to others. The date of the event commemorates the first Scout Group to be created, on Brownsea Island in 1907.
The Scout’s scarf or neckerchief is part of their uniform and is highly practical. It can be used as a bandage or a sling, for example, by a Scout in need. Depending on the title, organization, and region, the neckerchiefs that are used can have different emblems and colours. A special knot is used to tie the scarf; this is known as the friendship knot. The decorative knot comes from China and is now often used in place of a woggle.
Scouting started in the United Kingdom. However, there are now more than 38 million Guide and Scout members in 216 countries worldwide. International organisations differ across the world, with various activities, traditions, and uniforms, but they are united by the same core values.






You Tube Link: https://youtu.be/Az_UvAC5P24


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls