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Top Scouting Award For Tony Clitheroe

Date: 27th Mar 2020 Author: Gerald Law

Long serving Scout Anthony Clitheroe was presented with the Silver Wolf by District Commissioner Mark Webb and Someries Hill Scout Group Scout Leader Denise O’Hara.
Tony’s Scouting career started just before England won the Football World Cup in 1966 as an instructor with 38th Luton (Red Pack) when his son was a Cub. Tony wanted to go to camp, and he was asked to help provide transport. As his hobby at that time was taking family 8mm cine films, he offered to make a film of the Pack. The film was terrible, but it sparked an interest in Cub-Scouting, and he joined the Pack.
Tony became an Assistant Cub Scout Leader in 1968, gaining his Wood Beads and quickly progressing to become Cub Scout Leader in October 1969. His roles have included Group Scout Leader (in all but name), Cub Leader and Leader Trainer for the then Someries (now Falkes) Scout District. He held a Leader’s Warrant from 1967 until 1998.
When he retired at the age of 65, Tony became an Honorary Scouter until the requirement to retire was removed in 2007, and he took out another Cub Leader Warrant for a further 10 years. But age creeps up on us all, and in 2017 Tony stood down, becoming an instructor (Cub Sectional Assistant) at Someries Hill Scout Group, where he continues his service.
A Luton Spokesperson noted that “the Silver Wolf is the highest Adult award in the UK and is an unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout. It only awarded for service of a most exceptional nature over a long period of time. Like Brighton Rock, cut Tony in half and he will have Scouting written across him”
District Commissioner Mark Webb said, “Tony deserves this award for service to Scouting over more than 50 years. He has inspired all around him be they leaders or young people with his gentle but skilful style of leadership”.
His wife Sheila was presented with a bouquet of flowers, as Denise said “behind Tony has always been his supportive wife”.
Due to restrictions that were coming into effect, Mark and Denise made the presentation to Anthony at his house! But there are plans to have a celebration with Someries Hill Scout Group as soon as the restrictions are lifted and we get back to Scouting later in the year.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls