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A Scouts View of the Blue Foxes Challenge Winners

Date: 5th Apr 2019 Author: Gerald Law

On Saturday 31st March, 4 groups of beavers, cubs and scouts took part in the Adam Goodman challenge. The Adam Goodman challenge was a challenge set up by Alan Goodman ( Adam Goodman’s father) after Adam died so he could be remembered after all the work he did for scouts.

The 4 groups that attended the challenge were Wigmore scout group, Lea scout group, Leagrave scout group and Strathmore scout group. This year’s challenge was a bottle rocket competition. The groups had 3 hours to build a bottle rocket that could fly a long distance, wouldn’t break and looked good.
There were 2 categories that were awarded prizes. Design (if it broke and what it looked like) and distance. Wigmore scout group won the design medals and Leagrave won the distance medals but overall Strathmore won. They got to take the Adam Goodman flag home.

Some adults also got prizes. A Lea scout Cub leader got a prize for furthest distance and another leader got a prize for the best design. They actually built a shuttle on a rocket!


Everyone had loads of fun and got really creative.

Scouts from different groups got to meet each other and talk to others. This was an event that let everyone’s imagination run wild. It was Great Goodman Fun!

Written by Katrina
Scout Strathmore (Blue Foxes) Scout Group





Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
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