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Luton Scout and Guides Join World Record “CAMP AT HOME”

Date: 8th May 2020 Author: Gerald Law

Lockdown has not stopped Scouting in Luton. The “out” in “Scouts” remains at the core, but during lockdown Scouts are finding ways to maintain the fun at home.

Luton Scouts and Guides joined forces with Northumberland Scouts, as over 84,000 Scouts and Guides from more than 67 countries registered using Facebook to join in with the successful World Record “CAMP AT HOME” attempt on the 30th April. Each Young Person who took part will be entitled to 1 Night Away for each night they participated (as long as they weren’t sleeping in their bed)

Members took part in many activities and challenges and were awarded virtual badges for campfires, campfire songs & designing a campsite. They were invited to introduce their camp teddy, share their funniest camp story and name the camp donkey. All comers were challenged to land a teabag in a mug from 2m away and find alternative uses for the neckerchiefs worn by both organisations.

For St. Joseph’s Scout Group, it was a continuation of their Group Camp at Home event which included many similar activities including camp cooking – outdoors or indoors – and a virtual campfire led by the Group Chairman and his family.

Cub Scout Jack’s proud mum told us he took part in the St Joseph’s group camp on Saturday 25th April in the back garden at his Nanna’s, where he and his mum are living at the moment. He enjoyed it so much that he decided he wanted to carry on camping, so he brought his tent into his Nanna’s conservatory to do indoor camping and to join in with the Luton Scouts, Guides and Northumberland Scouts world record challenge. Jack’s camping experience has lasted 6 nights.

Jack participated in 22 tasks altogether: 12 set by Luton and 10 Northumberland challenges, as well as doing his schoolwork. He said he felt so excited camping at home that he persuaded 5 other Cub Scouts to join in the world record challenge.
Luton organisers, mother & son team Jen and Stephen explained that organising the event was hard work but having the Scouts and Guides from across Luton made it both magical and fun.

To support Scouting at Group level, in the home, Scouting across the UK has been involved with Headquarters’ “The Great Indoors” initiative, a selection of activities with themes such as pets, food and science, which allows members to undertake the Scout Program whilst complying with Government directives.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls