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Luton Scouts enjoy time at Korea Jamboree despite typhoon scare

Date: 7th Aug 2023 Author: Gerald Law

Luton Today On-Line 7th Aug 2023

Luton Scouts enjoy time at Korea Jamboree despite typhoon scare
“I am looking forward to the rest of the trip”
Scouts from Luton have been busy representing the town at the World Scout Jamboree in Korea.
Despite the recent poor weather conditions, four young people and one adult from Luton are half-way through their three-week trip of a lifetime – which began on July 28. The Scouts have embraced culture in Seoul, spoken with other Scouts from all over the globe and swapped badges, neckers and even uniforms with Scouts worldwide.
The World Scout Jamboree is held every four years, and there are over 40,000 members in attendance this year. A spokesperson for the Luton Scouts said: “There have been adverse weather conditions, as expected in the Korean summer weather (heat and rain) but they prepared and were trained well by their leadership team which has allowed them to enjoy their time safely.”

James, one of the Scouts currently in Korea, added: “Despite the hot, and equally rainy, weather, it has been an amazing experience so far. We saw some famous and historic sites in Seoul and did some general site seeing. There has been plenty of food tasting too, and we met loads of Scouts from other countries in Seoul before we hit the Jamboree campsite in SaeManGeum. It was really interesting to talk to them and to see how their Scouting and culture differs to that of our own.

“I have managed to swap a spare uniform for a Japanese Komodo inspired top and a UK shirt for a Sombrero. It has been great so far and I am looking forward to the rest of the trip.”

By Natalie Cummings
Published 7th Aug 2023, 15:48 BST- 1 min read
Update 7th Aug 2023, 15:48 BST

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